Our Company

We have been established since 2010 with the purpose to personally help businesses and communities around the States to achieve the best possible solutions in computer and information technology. We have been helping businesses and government agencies get the most out of their technology investment. Through our well developed and proven methodologies, we help you get the most out of technology and provide your business with a competitive edge. We have over 20 years of experience not just in IT but in the operations of government agencies and businesses. Our passion is to help and provide organizations with quality, efficient, and proven solutions and services. Information technology, network, and computer services can be serviced by most IT shops; but the value and the long term investment in IT operations are what we are passionate about. It takes committment, experience, and talent to develop that vision and put into practice. We take pride in developing high quality work and practices so that we can maintain our reputation. We work closely with local government agencies to fine tune their operations. We even provide IT consultation services to their IT department, because not every IT shop is specialized in all fields or have enough resources to cover all areas of information technology. We take this opportunity to help these organizations consolidate external resources into one place for all their needs.

Our keys to success


Our company was created mainly to provide dedicated services and solutions to organizations that needed attention and specific requirements. Not all organizations are the same, they have different processes and thus need the solutions to meet their needs. We provide 100% fully customizable solutions to our customers. From software applications to managed IT services, we only create what are needed and eliminate anything else that does not, to cut costs to our customers.

Responsive & Flexible

We are responsive, day or night. We believe that nothing is more important than being able to provide the support that are needed when our customers need it. No matter how great a product or service is if it frustrates you to be able to get a hold of someone when the time is critical. We stand behind our SLA, and we will pay you if you had to wait on us.


We are knowledgeable in many areas of Information Technology, from networking to video surveillance to application development. With our expertise, we can better serve you to find best possible solutions that will end up saving you money and time. We have served many types of businesses, from fire departments to manufacturing to farming industries, this will allow us to help you to grow your business.

Some of our clients